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Ruth Nyc


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Smaller than every star in the sky, yet paradoxically shining the brightest, the moon’s glow turns the dark emptiness of the night sky into something ethereal. 

Inspired by that transformational allure, our ring captures the shape of the moon to embody that beauty. A crescent from the side, and a full moon on its face,  this ring encompasses the shape of the moon from wax to wane.

The Lun ring comes in multiple stone options, each bringing a smooth shape and comfortable weight with them. 

  • 14k Gold
  • Cabochon:  4mm Garnet
  • Ring dimensions: 7mm at the widest point, 2.5mm at the narrowest

Please note, this product is made to order and has a lead time of 2-4 weeks. 

Also available in Sterling Silver

Stone customization available by request