Stephanie Mazuera, Founder of Ruth NYC

From her early beginnings as a jewelry designer at just sixteen, Stephanie's passion for crafting exquisite pieces was undeniable. Pursuing her dedication to the craft, she enrolled at Parsons School of Design to enrich her skills. With a B.A. in Strategic Design in hand and invaluable experience gained through apprenticeships in fine jewelry, Stephanie embarked on a journey to establish Ruth NYC.

At the heart of Ruth NYC lies a reverence for the past, where heirlooms encapsulate cherished memories and sentiments. It was this principle that ignited Stephanie's vision for the brand. Ruth NYC is more than just jewelry; it's a conduit for preserving the essence of bygone eras while crafting contemporary treasures for the future.

Stephanie's mission is clear: to infuse every piece with the same passion, care, and delicacy that heirlooms inherently possess, making them accessible to all who seek to adorn themselves.