Heirloom Renewal

That which endures the longest is that which reinvents itself. Experience an old heirloom as the one who first owned it did, as a piece to wear and love.

  • 1. Consultation

    We'll arrange a 30-minute design consultation with you to delve into your item's significance, personal narrative, and any additional details essential for our team to craft the perfect design for you. During this session, you'll receive clarification on any questions specific to the process or your project, ensuring a seamless collaboration.

  • 2. Design

    Based on the concepts explored during our consultation, our team will craft a design for the reinvented piece. This design will be shared with you for your review and approval. Alongside the design, you'll receive a quote, and we remain open to any adjustments or alterations you may wish to make.

  • 3. Getting Started

    After your approval of the design, we'll send you an invoice for the deposit, typically amounting to half the total project cost.

    If you're located outside of NYC and need to ship your piece to us, we'll provide a prepaid insured shipping label along with secure packaging, ensuring the safest journey possible for your heirloom.

  • 4. Reinvention

    Upon receiving the piece, our restoration or reinvention process commences, typically spanning 3-6 weeks for completion. Throughout this period, you'll receive regular updates to keep you informed of our progress on the piece.

  • 5. Return

    Upon completion of our work, your piece will be promptly returned to you. You can opt for convenient pickup in NYC or choose fully insured express shipping to your preferred address.

  • 6. A New Life

    Your cherished heirloom will have concluded its transformative journey, returning to you in its revitalized form, poised to endure for another lifetime.